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Confidentiality: In the beginning most clients may just want to know their rights and what actions they could take. All calls and emails to our office are part of a Free Consultation and are totally Confidential. You may call 813-229-8300 in Hillsborough County, or 888-328-1555 a toll free number anywhere in Florida, or send us an email at any time to

Obligations: The Fraley Law Firm provides representation on a purely contingency fee basis. That means that there are no up fronts costs, expenses or charges to you. It is only after we settle or win your case that a percentage of the attorney’s fees is earned by The Fraley Law Firm, P.A. You should watch out for law firms that try to charge you a “retainer”, “monthly charges” or a “down payment” or any other fees to take your case.

Private Settlements: In many cases we will be able to resolve your case without having to file anything in court. If we do have to file in court, we can reach a private agreement that protects your interests.

Questions: If you have questions about “How to Get Started” you may call us at any time

Hostile Work Environment claims arise out of sexual advances or inappropriate behavior at work. 

Protection for “Objecting to” or “refusing to participate” in wrongful  conduct or complaints about the violation of any laws, rules, and regulations at work. 

Car accidents, Wrongful Death and Florida Injury Law.

We handle and litigate all employment and compensation related agreements including all Executive Compensation Agreements in whatever form.

Many employees do not realize that they should be paid time and 1/2 for hours worked over 40.  Many employees are owed thousands of dollars but do not know it.  They have been told they are “exempt”, but are not.  Call us or send us an email for a Free analysis of your pay.


  • Employee Rights
  • Victims of Sexual Harassment
  • Injuries and Accidents
  • Discrimination Retaliation
  • Breach of Employment Contracts
  • Wrongful Death

Ronald W. Fraley, an AV rated attorney, has practiced as a trial attorney for 30 years. He represents accident and injury victims, as well as, victims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Call us TODAY so we may ask you some questions about your situation. We will determine if we are the best fit for you. After this you can meet us at our Tampa, Florida location for your FREE confidential consultation. 813-229-8300 or Toll Free 888-328-1555.

Throughout every legal matter, we insist on maintaining a close, personal touch. When we take on your case, we protect and care for your family as we would our own. Give us a Call Today to Discuss your situation. Fully Confidential.

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