In Sexual Harassment claims in Florida, your chances of maximizing compensation are better when you’re represented by a lawyer who knows how to negotiate claims with your best interest in mind. That’s how attorneys make a difference. Our clients have gotten bigger financial recoveries because we combine passion with experienced-based strategy… and that’s how Ronald W. Fraley of The Fraley Law Firm became one of the few Sexual Harassment and Employment Retaliation lawyers recognized by the Super Lawyers program.

Sexual harassment is conduct in the workplace that makes your sex a factor.  Employment Retaliation occurs when an employee is punished for standing up or objecting to such conduct in the workplace. New Developments: In sexual or romantic relationships in the workplace between individuals who are in unequal positions, there is always the issue of power and compliance. Because of the potential for conflicts of interest, exploitation, favoritism, and bias, such relationships undermine the integrity of the workplace.  See Toscano v. Dimmo, 570 F.Supp. 1197.

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