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Representing the people of Florida in Sexual Harassment, Employment & Retaliation Law.

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Representation: The Fraley Law Firm provides representation on a purely contingency fee basis. That means that there are no up fronts costs, expenses or charges to you. It is only after we settle or win your case that a percentage of the recovery as attorney’s fees is earned by The Fraley Law Firm. You should watch out for law firms that try to charge you a “retainer”, “monthly charges” or a “down payment” or any other fees to take your case.

Confidentiality: In the beginning many people may just want to learn about their Sexual Harassment rights and what actions they could take. All calls and emails to our office are part of a Free Consultation and are totally Confidential. You may call 813-229-8300 in Hillsborough County, or 888-328-1555 a toll-free number anywhere in Florida, or send us an email at any time to  [email protected].

Private Settlements: In many cases we will be able to resolve your case without having to file anything in court. If we do have to file in court, we can reach a private agreement that protects your interests.

Questions: If you have questions about “How to Get Started” you may call us at any time.

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