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Should an employee in any Tampa workplace become subject to a pattern of exposure of unwanted sexual behavior, that employer may be held financially liable for fostering a hostile work environment. This differs, then, from quid pro quo sexual harassment. A Tampa employer may be held liable for sexual harassment even when there is no direct effect on the terms of an individual’s employment.

The Tampa hostile work environment attorneys at The Fraley Law Firm understand just how much a hostile work environment may impact your ability to perform your job duties. It is against Florida and Federal law for anyone to interfere with your right to earn a living.

If you have been subject to a hostile work environment in Tampa, we can help you recover any damages you have sustained as a result.

Conditions That Constitute a Hostile Work Environment in Tampa

Hostile work environments in Tampa may be created by the actions of your executives, co-workers, customers, suppliers, or delivery person who engage in unwanted sexual conduct in a public area of your work. When Tampa managers and supervisors fail to take action in order to discourage or prevent the following forms of sexual harassment, the Tampa employers may be held financially liable for their inaction:

  • Consistent sexual remarks or jokes told in an area where any employee could hear
  • Sexually charged remarks about other employees where anyone can hear them
  • Persistent unwanted sexual advances, touching, or grabbing
  • The display of pornographic images


No one should have to go work in a hostile work environment; we will help you hold your Tampa employer financially liable for their tolerance of sexual harassment.

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