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Constructive discharge is a legal term for situations in which an employee must resign to escape an otherwise intolerable work environment. The work environment must be so intolerable that any reasonable person would rather quit than continue to work under those conditions. So, when a Tampa employer or co-worker engages in sexual harassment, and nothing is done to resolve the situation, an employee may constructive discharged.

If you have been sexually harassed or have experienced discrimination at your Tampa area job, the Tampa constructive discharge attorneys at The Fraley Law Firm understand why you felt compelled to resign. We will aggressively defend the rights of any Tampa worker and aggressively pursue financial compensation from any Tampa employer that tolerates sexual harassment.

Why Do I Need a Constructive Discharge Attorney?

If you were harassed, discriminated against, or mistreated in the workplace to the extent that you felt it would be better for you to leave, you should not let your employer get away with this type of abuse. They should have to pay to make up for the hurt they caused you, and the best way to do this is by hiring a constructive discharge attorney. They will be able to fight to defend your right to feel happy and safe in the workplace.

Also, because you quit voluntarily instead of being fired, you could also miss out on a severance package, unemployment benefits, and usually, the right to sue your employer. However, if you file in time (the usual statute of limitations is only 180 days), you can prove that you quit because of constructive discharge and can retain your right to sue, as well as your unemployment benefits.

If you were abused in the workplace to the point where you felt compelled to quit, you deserve to have someone else stand up for your rights. We will help make sure that you are compensated for the pain you were put through, as well as your legal fees and lost wages, plus additional charges to your employer for everything they did wrong.

To prove constructive discharge, we will need to help you prove that the sexual harassment in your workplace was so bad that any employee in your position would have resigned. Some targets of sexual harassment are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, especially if there is physical sexual misconduct. As your attorneys, we will take your statements about what happened and will compile them into a compelling case. Let us assist you through this difficult time.

Why Should I Choose The Fraley Law Firm?

Here at The Fraley Law Firm, we pride ourselves on standing up for the rights of employees in the Tampa Bay area. We all need to work to survive, and everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable in the workplace. Constant torment and abuse can lead to emotional trauma, which may lead you to want to quit your job. This can impact you emotionally and financially, and we won’t stand for it. When you are looking for a constructive discharge attorney, you want someone who is experienced and has a strong track record. Ronald W. Fraley, an experienced employment attorney based in Tampa, has both of these assets and is constantly receiving good reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Financial Restitution for Constructive Discharge

Sexual harassment and discrimination against an employee in any situation are unacceptable. When a Tampa employer engages in or tolerates sexual harassment or abuse and is found to be responsible for your constructive discharge, you may seek financial compensation for any of the following:

  • Any court costs incurred by your legal representation
  • Back or front-pay to cover all past or potential earnings
  • Compensatory damages for any pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages to punish an employer

The financial damages you may sustain as the result of a constructive discharge can be substantial; we will aggressively pursue financial compensation from any employer who causes the constructive discharge of any one of its employees.

Contact a Tampa Constructive Discharge Attorney

The Tampa constructive discharge attorneys at The Fraley Law Firm are committed to protecting workers’ rights in every circumstance. When persistent sexual harassment or any other form of discrimination results in your constructive discharge, we will aggressively pursue financial compensation from any Tampa employer in the Florida civil court system.

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