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Ronald W. Fraley:

Fraley graduated cum laude from Stetson University in 1987 where he was a member of The Stetson Law Review. Ron has been given the highest ranking by the Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Review. Since 1987, he has practiced in Tampa as a trial attorney in Sexual Harassment Law, Employment Law and Personal Injury cases with more than 30 years experience. Ron is also an AV rated attorney.  If you are looking for an experienced Sexual Harassment LawyerEmployment Lawyer or Personal Injury Lawyer in the Tampa Bay / Florida region, you have come to the right place.

I Slept with the Boss to Keep My Job. Is this Sexual Harassment?

Americans support their families, secure their future and achieve a sense of dignity through their work. In our country no one is permitted to manipulate our jobs or careers. But it is a reality of the workplace that a few people have power over the...

Definition of Sexual Harassment in Florida

Definition of Sexual Harassment in Florida The work environment cannot be intimidating because of sexual issues. Corporations may not make distinctions between men and women. Florida and Federal law prohibit sexual harassment as a form of sex...

Types of Sexual Harassment in Florida

Sexual harassment is conduct in the workplace that makes sex an unnecessary and unwanted part of the workplace environment. There are two basic categories of Florida sex harassment, and most cases fall into at least one: Quid pro quo. Quite literally, quid...

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

American families and individuals support themselves, obtain health coverage and achieve a sense of dignity and accomplishment from working. Unlike our private lives, we do not get to pick who we work with. As a result, in the United States,...

Health & Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

The people of the United States have decided that employees should not lose their livelihoods, careers and ability to support themselves and their families because of the health conditions and setbacks. There is no such thing as lifelong...