The decision to report workplace sexual harassment is monumental but full of anxiety-inducing circumstances. You may worry about how reporting a violation of your workplace rights might affect your professional reputation and future career prospects. 

Using a private settlement agreement may allow you to assert your rights without fearing retaliation against you or your reputation.

Private Settlement Agreements Explained

A private settlement agreement is sometimes called a non-disclosure agreement. Through such an agreement, you and your employer decide to resolve your sexual harassment claim confidentially. 

Furthermore, neither you nor your employer is permitted to disparage the other party. Your employer is not to provide a bad reference to future employers or otherwise damage your reputation. 

Finally, in a private settlement agreement, your employer agrees to pay you a sum of money in exchange for you declining to pursue further legal remedies against them for the incident.

Benefits of a Private Settlement Agreement

Confidentiality is the most significant benefit of private settlement agreements. Not only would your employer be prohibited from saying anything negative to others about your employment or job performance, but the settlement amount and other terms would also be confidential.

There is also a certainty that comes with a successful private settlement agreement. Both you and your employer would know the terms of the agreement and what you can expect from one another immediately following the agreement and beyond. 

This certainty may provide you with confidence and dispel fears you may have about moving forward with your career.

You receive no protection or redress if you do not pursue a sexual harassment claim. A private settlement agreement can afford you the compensation your claim deserves while protecting your future employment prospects.

Get Help with a Private Settlement Agreement

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