Sexual harassment in the workplace is not only disturbing (sometimes traumatic) but against the law. Employers are legally required to provide a safe workplace and protect employees against harassing behavior, sexual or otherwise. When employers commit sexual harassment against their workers, appropriate action must be taken. Sometimes it’s the boss or manager who wants a relationship or sex in order for you to be promoted or do well financially with the company.

If you’re unsure about your rights, how to protect yourself, or filing a sexual harassment claim in such cases, consult with an experienced attorney. The sooner you discuss the facts with a lawyer, the sooner you can protect your rights, and your career and end wrongful conduct. You are also making the workplace safer for the next unsuspecting woman. 

Guidance in Your Sexual Harassment Claim

A sexual harassment attorney can help answer many questions, including:

No one should be the victim of sexual harassment. When your employer commits or fails to prevent this behavior, an attorney can help hold them accountable and protect your future career and rights.

Consulting with a Lawyer Before Reporting Sexual Harassment 

All victims of sexual harassment in the workplace must take specific steps to proceed with a claim. 

Some employers have policies requiring you to report any misconduct to human resources, but others may have different procedures. Because every sexual harassment case is unique, the course of action varies from employer to employer. The situation also depends upon who is committing the sexual harassment. Is it a co-worker, a manager, or upper management? 

Preparing for a Sexual Harassment Claim

Speaking with a sexual harassment attorney can help you protect your rights, follow the proper procedures, and keep any evidence you may need to assert your rights. 

This can include:

A dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyer is an excellent resource who can help you overcome this difficult time in your life.

Tampa Sexual Harassment Attorneys 

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