Some employers ignore the need for a strong human resources department and healthy corporate culture, choosing instead to focus solely on the financial side of running a business. When an employer doesn’t consider the human aspect of a workplace, they leave their employees vulnerable to harassment and discrimination. 

What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of actions. In fact, you may have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment without even knowing it. Here are a few examples of workplace sexual harassment:

This isn’t an exhaustive list. But if you suspect that you have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment, your best bet is to contact a workplace sexual harassment attorney. 

Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim Against a Small Corporation

While some employers choose to ignore it, sexual harassment is a civil violation in Florida and across the United States. If you have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment, you may be entitled to compensatory damages. 

Some people believe that you can only file a sexual harassment claim against an individual, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You have the right to file a sexual harassment claim against a small corporation in Florida.

Even a smaller corporation is responsible for its employees. When an employee makes a complaint of sexual harassment against another employee, the employer is responsible for reviewing the complaint, addressing it, and appropriately punishing the perpetrator. 

If the business fails to handle an employee’s sexual harassment claim appropriately, that employee has the right to sue the entire company for damages. 

Seeking Legal Aid for a Claim of Sexual Harassment Against a Small Corporation

If you are hoping to file a claim of sexual harassment against a small corporation in Florida, contact Fraley Law Firm at (813) 229-8300. Fraley Law Firm specializes in sexual harassment cases and serves clients all over Florida.