The people of the United States have decided that we should not lose our livelihoods, careers and right to support our families because someone has exposed wrongdoing, fraud or waste at work. Corporate misconduct costs taxpayers and citizens billions of dollars per year. Because it could happen to anyone who is employed, the Whistleblower laws protect the safety, security and health of your family and all members of our community in their employment, civil rights and as taxpayers and citizens.

Who is a Whistleblower?

Whistleblowers are people, often employees or former employees, who report illegal or fraudulent activity by an employer, government employer or organization.  Employees may risk punishment, called retaliation, from their employers for making such reports, giving rise to the Florida and federal protections for Florida Whistleblowers.

The Florida and federal laws with whistleblower protections apply to private and public employers.  Most of these laws require that the employee object to, refuse to participate in or report conduct or policies that violate a law, rule or regulation. If you are in doubt about whether you have Whistleblower protection under Florida or federal law, you may call us free, or send us a confidential email to The Fraley Law Firm.

What is the Florida False Claims Act? Who is Protected?

The Florida and federal Whistleblower laws protect anyone with knowledge of fraud or waste being committed against the government or at the expense of taxpayers. The Whistleblower laws are designed to encourage people to come forward so that others in our community do not suffer in the future. Since 1986, Whistleblowers have helped our government recover more than $36 billion.

At The Fraley Law Firm, our Florida-based law firm represents Florida citizens who want to stop illegal business, safety, employment or environmental practices. With the help of private citizens who have come forward with evidence of fraud, we have helped people recover the awards to which they are entitled and protected our community. The Whistleblower laws we work with are important to our community’s safety, security and well-being.

What Are The Kinds of Whistleblower Claims?

A whistleblower lawsuit can be brought under the federal False Claims Act, the Florida Whistleblower law or through programs by government agencies. Some examples are as follows:

There are other Whistleblower Protections in Florida. Indeed, the procedure for a whistleblower lawsuit depends upon the nature of the claim. When a whistleblower lawsuit is settled or litigated, the whistleblower is rewarded with a settlement, a jury award or a percentage of the amount recovered. This is to encourage people to come forward and to punish misconduct so that such violations do not occur again.

Taking a firm stand against fraud, waste and wrong doing protects the safety, security and economic well-being of everyone in our community. No employee thinks it can happen to them until it happens. Employees may be faced with standing up against wealthy corporate interests, or perhaps lose everything. We help people facing this dilemma so that it does not happen to others in the future!

Do You Face a Whistleblower Situation?

At The Fraley Law Firm, our Florida-based law firm will confidentially review your possible Whistleblower claim with you. We have the legal knowledge and litigation experience to pursue your claim with the goal of protecting our community and your rights as a citizen to earn a livelihood. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation if you are in a Whistleblower situation.